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Social Concerns
Social Concerns will be collecting food items for Christmas baskets now through December 15th.

Items needed for Christmas Food Baskets
Due by December 15th
Please place in box in gathering space

30 cans regular green beans
30 can regular corn
30 cans carrots
30 boxes macaroni and cheese (family size)
15 jars creamy peanut butter (family size)
15 jars grape jelly (family size)
15 boxes variety instant oatmeal
15 64oz bottles of 100% juice
15 jars spaghetti sauce (family size)
30 1lb packages spaghetti noodles
15 bags of wide egg noodles
30 cans cream of chicken soup
30 cans of spaghetti-o-s
30 cans of soup
15 boxes mashed potato flakes (family size)
30 packets gravy mix
30 boxes stuffing
15 bags of pinto beans
30 boxes of cornbread mix
30 cans fruit
15 cans sweet potatoes
15 bags marshmallows
15 cake mixes
15 cans icing
60 packets of Kool-Aid
15 boxes pancake mix
15 bottles pancake syrup
15 disposable turkey roasting pans

Perishable items-will not be purchased until December 15th
Monetary donations only for these, we will shop.

15 dozen eggs
15 lbs. country crock spread
15 gallons milk
15 loaves bread
15 packages rolls
15 10-12lb turkeys

These items can be purchased whenever you can. If you find them on sale, please take advantage of it! Instead of listing particular items for each week, I am just distributing the entire needs list and you can purchase what you want when you can. Please place all your items in the box in the gathering space marked Christmas Baskets. As always, if you do not have time to shop and would prefer we do it, just give your monetary donation to Angie and make sure you mark Christmas Baskets in the memo space. All donated items need to be in the gathering space no later than December 15th. Please make sure all monetary donations are in by December 15th as well. We will be putting the boxes together on the 16th and we will shop for what we lack on the 16th as well. These baskets will be distributed on the 18th of December. I know this is a huge list, but remember, every little bit helps! We are so grateful for your generosity!

 Do not pass by a man in need, for you may be the hand of God to him.                                    ~Proverbs 3:27                         

Holy Trinity News

Remembering All Souls
On Saturday, November 4 after the 5:00 pm Mass, we will remember our deceased loved ones. If you have lost a family member in the past year (11-01-2016 thru 10-31-2017), please notify the office or Mary Gene Kapicak, At our Remembering Vigil, a large candle will be lighted for them and remain lighted throughout the month of November. There will also be prayer and candle lighting for all your deceased loved ones from past years. There is a special envelope for you to list these names. If you do not receive envelopes, these will be available in the Gathering Area. 

​​​​All weekday Masses are cancelled during Father Thomas's vacation.